We offer bulk sales on selected Ingredients and we also have contract manufacturing services and white label options for those who are interested in making products under their own label names.

Products on bulk sale offers:

1) Shea butter: from 10kg

2) Hibiscus: from 5kg

3) African Black Soap: from 1kg

4) Camwood powder: from 1kg

5) Chebe powder: from 5kg

6) Karkar Oil: from 2liters

7) Neem Powder: from 1kg

8) Neem Oil

9) Moringa Seed

10) Moringa Oil

11) Butter Base

12) Lotion Base

13) Castile Soap (Natural Liquid Soap)

14) Shampoo

15) Oils

For further enquiry send us an email on info@plushorganics.co.za or simply fill in our enquiry form, we will get back to you.